Retire happily: The Midas Legacy

Midas, the mythological character, had a wish that everything he touched, to turn to gold. The wish was granted but it turned tragic. Similarly, most of us want everything we touch to become an instant success. It is frustrating that it is not always the case. However, The Midas Legacy thinks that you can actually make it in an uncertain world.

They believe, of all the things, that success in life is possible. Believing in the perfection of life may sound myopic, but once you read some of the reviews on of satisfied partners, you will certainly change your mind.

Midas legacy started as a small company with three visions; to become better people, to become better investors, and to become better managers. They believed that if they can achieve these goals, they can impact the same skills onto other people. Today, they do that every day in their main office in Winter Garden, FL.

Midas offers a range of services notably on retirement planning. The keys to retirement planning are investment, entrepreneurship, portfolio management and career advice on Twitter. One of the driving goals is that you can always retire as soon as possible, but you cannot retire early if you do not have a sound wealth management advice.

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Want real wealth? Trick your brain…

Today, most people look back into their lives and regret opportunities. One can always learn from those sad stories and use Midas research advisory services that provide business ideas, plans, and investment advice. The research is extensive and focuses on making members aware of opportunities in their immediate environment.

In their research division, which is growing to be the core function of The Midas Legacy, the focus is on individual members’ capacity, opportunity and methodical execution of the same. Further extrapolation of mainstream investment notably Wall Street trading, real state, and retirement benefits takes care of traditional investors.

Since they know that fulfillment in life comes from the abundance of the heart, Midas try to reach out to spiritual nourishment of members. They offer advice on healthy lifestyle habits, eating, spending among others. They believe that nature has many answers to our needs, and if we take care of it, it can always give back.

In the expert section, the company offers books and other reading materials containing confessions and learning from contributors. The culture of giving is ingrained in the Midas Legacy. The company envisions emptiness when one who is truly blessed refuses to share with vulnerable societies.

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Remembering Stephen Murray, a pioneering giant in the private equity business

Steve Murray, better known as “Steve”, started life on earth on August 2, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York, and departed at the early age of 52 years on March 12, 2015 at the end of a very successful career in the private equity business. He had resigned from CCMP, the firm which he co-founded in 2006, citing illness, just a month prior to his death.

Pehub said that as a graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School, Steve Murray’s high achiever career began with the successful completion of a credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation.

This was followed by fruitful stints at companies such as I MH Equity Corporation, Chemical Bank, Chase Capital Partners and JP Morgan Partners.

In 2006 he co-founded CCMP Capital, a spinout of JP Morgan Chase. The new company included in its new functions the private equity aspects of the J.P. Morgan Partners. Steve became the CEO of CCMP in 2007, steering the organization until his resignation. Learn more about Steve Murray:

In 2007 CCMP’s rank among private equity firms was Number 17 worldwide. However Murray had harbored doubts about the likelihood of future successes in the wake of the existing situation in the private equity market. In 2005 he proposed and then piloted a strategy for developing the company that was radically different from the one then generally accepted for the generation of profits from private equity funds.

Instead of revamping companies using so called “financial wizardry” he proposed hiring experienced practitioners in the world of finance as full partners and concentration on reorganization, re-structuring and re-strategizing as the means of generating profits from the companies in which they had invested.

These techniques proved successful, eventually leading to company specialization in those portfolio areas that had proved most rewarding financially – consumer, retail, Industrial, chemicals, energy, power and healthcare.

Praise for his positive contributions to the success of CCMP was highlighted by the organization subsequent to his passing. Due to his efforts CCMP Capital, which is reported to have invested about $12 billion in transactions since 2006, had demonstrated that its strategies, though different and against standard practice in the sector, had worked brilliantly.

During his leadership the company focused on companies such as AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods and Legacy Hospital partners.  An achievement indeed.

Stephen P. Murray – deal maker and investor par excellence. R.I.P.

Why Is FreedomPop So Popular These Days?

Shopping for a cell phone carrier can be quite frustrating, especially when a customer has been with one company for so many years. There may be a list of reasons why the person has chosen to switch carriers, but high prices tend to be one of the biggest reason. Some may switch carriers because of the fact that they are not getting the call quality they are looking for, so making a switch to another carrier makes a lot of sense. Take FreedomPop for instance. There aren’t any companies around that are like FreedomPop, and that not only makes them unique but also a great company.

The biggest reason why FreedomPop is so popular is because they offer free services that many other carriers wouldn’t even think of. Free cell phone service, free home Internet service, and low-cost Wi-Fi service is available from FreedomPop. Even FreedomPop’s cell phone service that is unlimited is very low in cost compared to other cell phone carriers. Those that are intent on making the switch to another carrier will want to know more about the cell phone company they may switch to, so here is some more information about FreedomPop and their services.

FreedomPop offers cell phone service, which can be free of charge, or the user can add on to the plan, or choose the unlimited plan. The free plan will include text messages, talk time, and data, and one can add additional text, minutes, or data as they need it. Those who don’t want to calculate how many text messages, minutes, or data they need each month can simply pay for the unlimited plan, which is only $20 each month. A great complement to any FreedomPop cell phone plan is the unlimited Wi-Fi plan, which only costs $5.

The $5 fee is charged every month, and those who choose the service will have unlimited access to millions of different Wi-Fi hotspots that FreedomPop provides around the nation. The Wi-Fi hotspots can be used on cell phones in order to have constant 4G LTE speeds. The Wi-Fi service is excellent for those who may have the free service from FreedomPop but need additional data over the 500 MB that’s given. The Wi-Fi user will be able to access the Internet from their phone as long as they are near a Wi-Fi hotspot. With everything that FreedomPop offers its cell phone users, why not switch today?

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Martin Lustgarten Paves the Way for Investment Bankers

There are many financial activities involved in banking. Investment banking is one of those activities and has gained a lot of public recognition lately. This type of banking facilitates the creation of capital for investment companies and governments all over the world. Financial institutions that deal in investment banking are known as investment banks. Like most mainstream banks, they provide financing services to individuals and corporate organizations. However, what sets them apart from other banks are other services such as security trading and M&A (mergers and acquisitions). Additionally, they provide their clients with financial advisory services.
In order to meet the increasing demand, investment banks opt to work with larger banks. Most investment banks are publicly traded entities since they have their shares listed in the stock market. Others are partnership businesses that are privately owned. The concept of investment banking is still perceived by some people as complex due to the nature of transactions and analysis. These people need to understand that the important bit is that investment banks save investors from too much hassle since they have the expertise and knowledge. The customers of investment banks include corporate institutions, hedge funds, pension schemes and wealthy individuals.
One investment banker widely known for his impressive mastery of investment banking is Martin Lustgarten. He is the Chief Executive Office of a Miami-based company called Lustgarten Martin. The company is a successful investment bank that has earned notable reputation in the United States. Over the years, Lustgarten has gained a lot of experience in security trades and achieved more than most investment bankers in the industry. His success is attributed to his prowess in determining and following market cycles. Market cycles enable traders and investors to understand the dynamics of the market.
Many financial institutions have benefited from advice and tips offered by Lustgarten and his company. One of Martin Lustgarten’s likable traits is his great efforts in ensuring the interests of clients are prioritized. He ensures that he keeps in contact with clients on most social media platforms. Investment banking continues to grow popularity and experts such as Lustgarten are expected to endorse quality in the industry.

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Life and Career of Entrepreneur Malini Saba

Malini Saba is a successful businesswoman of Asian origin. She is also a philanthropist and has formed organizations that support children and women. Currently, Saba is the chairperson of Saban, a company that she founded. Saban retains different investment interests around the globe like oil and gas in China, technology firms in the United States, and real estate companies in India and Australia.


Her philanthropic activities have also been felt worldwide through Stree: Global Investments in Women. She started the Non-profit organization with the aim of changing the attitude and the roles of low-income women and children in the society. Stree does this by providing and enabling women to access legal empowerment, and healthcare. Stree was inaugurated by Jordan’s Queen Noor and Bill Clinton the former United States president.


Saban’s philanthropic works do not end at Stree. She has donated to different human courses too. In 2005 she kick-started the first Heart Research Centre for South Asians in the world by7 donating $1million to El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. She also visited and pledged $10 million to the victims of the 2004 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and India.


Saba says that she has grown her business by keenly observing the market trends. Saba started the real estate business in India after she saw a possibility in the rise of the middle class. She also saw a potential growth in the commodity market in 2005 hence invested in iron ore mines and Agri space.


Saba says that she is very excited by the trends in the commodity market because it’s challenging but has significant returns. Saba advises entrepreneurs not to get afraid of risks, trust themselves and to never give up. She also says that it is good to keep in touch and understand your staff and whatever they are going through.


Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Sri Lankan middle-class parents, Saba grew up in Australia and moved to the Unites States at 19. She attended free lectures at Stanford University since she was a spouse of the university’s student. Saba developed an interested in investments and made a point to attend different gatherings attended by investment bankers. She would talk to them and get their advice, and this is how she started investing her little savings in real estate, telecommunications, and commodities.


Saba’s business and charity continue to grow. Her ten years vision is to take her real estate business to the next level for her investors and the Indian economy. Saba has received many awards in her life and career. She also sits on the boards of many notable organizations as a member.

The Benefits of the Coworking Space


People often time claim that they like to work alone, and they are able to get more projects done when they work alone. This is actually not statistically true, statistics prove that people thrive in coworking spaces over individual spaces. People who work in coworking spaces find their work meaningful, the people that work in the same space are often working on different projects, so they pose no threat to one another. No one is trying to compete with another to try and be the best, which eliminates the need of competing. People who work in coworking spaces also feel like they have more control, they can decide whether or not they want to leave early or not based on the progress that has been made throughout the day with co-workers. Another excellent element of co-working space is that it offers a sense of community working that closely with other employees. They have a shoulder to cry on if there is an issue or someone there to congratulate them when they do something right.

There is actually a place called WorkVille in that offers shared office space NYC that you can actually rent for an affordable price. They offer different size rooms and availability based on your individual needs. WorkVille prides itself as a different work environment that provides tech companies, start -up companies, or even bigger companies the chance to work in community work space. It is a simple solution, especially for a start-up company to just rent out space and to already have everything they need in order to get started. When a company is starting up it is important for all the employees to work closely together because it gets them a chance to learn each others’ personalities and thrive off the community like atmosphere.

Coworking spaces have proven that they create a sense of cushion for employees knowing there is someone right next to them if they are having a problem. One who says they can not work around other people probably has never done so, and they are scared to actually try something new for once. Coworking spaces are a great alternative to trying and see if it works for your office space, and it also saves on rent because there is going to be fewer rooms required.