Wen Hair Care Products for the the Masses

Wen hair care products have become incredibly important for the number of people that are interested in improving the look and feel of their hair. It is important to see a new wave of hair care products that are designed to make women feel good about their hair. Wen has managed to do that.
The growth of the brand is directly defined by the celebrities that have endorsed the brand. This is the top tier of marketing that people see on YouTube. There is a 2nd tier or marketing, however, that is much more convincing to the working class. This is through blogs and Amazon brand reviews. Emily McClure, contributor of Bustle, has made it her duty to make sure that she informed others about the Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

There have been a large number of people that have seen the blogs about this cleansing product. It is the voice of the working class hair stylists like Emily McClure that may push people to buy this brand if they have been hesitant about doing so in the past.

Wen has managed to become the product that is designed for a lot of different hair types. There are products in the Wen hair care kit that are designed for frizzy hair. There are products that are designed for coarse hair. Other products may be designed to help with damaged hair. Chaz has really covered all the bases when it comes to hair care products.

As a hair stylist he has realized that there are a lot of people that have different needs. He has managed to become the person that people depend on to get their hair looking good. His product line is an example of the great amount of consideration that he takes with hair. These products have ingredients that strengthen hair.

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Class Dojo Has Built A Communication Platform To Improve School Communities

Class Dojo is a educational app built for improving the overall communication between parents, teachers, and students within the school communities. Similar in form to social media sites like Facebook, but with a different purpose. Class Dojo helps parents stay better connected with their kids while they are in school, even when they are at home. Class Dojo founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, started up the app back in 2011 to realize there vision of improving the quality of education and filling a gap in the market for a useful educational communication tool.

The platform allows instructors to take videos and photos while in class as well as send instant messages through the app to parents. On a day to day basis, parents can check in on their child’s classroom through the app to see how things are going. Overall, this is helping improve the relationships between parents and teachers while helping students become more engaged.

Class Dojo has managed to grow exponentially since they first launched by providing top-notch educational technology, which is being used by millions of people worldwide. Currently, the app is seeing use by two thirds of all US Schools and their reach extends to over a hundred different countries around the globe. The app is available to all schools, both public and private, and consists of a team made up of former educators with backgrounds in education. Today, Class Dojo is helping to improve the education all students can receive.

So far, Class Dojo has managed to raise a substantial amount of money to further fund the project and improve on its content and features. The company’s second round of fund raising brought in more than $21 million dollars to further expand Class Dojo. It’s not surprising to see the founders putting the money to good use, since they are former educators themselves. As time goes on they will continue to make more features for teachers to help better engage their students in class.

Parents are able to keep up with all school activities through the app and by receiving direct messages from their students teachers on upcoming events. The program is currently completely free to use and requires no personal information for signup. Most devices are compatible with Class Dojo, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Most importantly, all content and information between parents, teachers, and students is safe and secure.


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IAP Worldwide Services Offer Stability in Times of Need

IAP Worldwide Services provides what its clients need, when they need it, no matter what the situation calls for or where in the world assistance is required. The company’s clients range from government entities to military troops to medical professionals, but anyone that needs comprehensive services of a logistical nature at any point in time can rely on IAP. Everything from housing to emergency utilities to transportation can be arranged and managed by the company, which includes these and many more services to clients. A global network is at waiting to help clients solve any issues, big or small, that need to be arranged on the ground as a matter of urgency.

When instability in an area of the world is found, IAP works within the local systems to bring about solutions and services. It then pulls from experienced employees to ensure the necessary support for any endeavor is immediately brought to the area. On the ground support and staff is on hand to get things done and give companies what they need to make their presence felt. All of these services are standard services from IAP Worldwide Services, and it’s why huge clients like the world’s military and government agencies look to them for comprehensive management.

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IAP: Home

In over sixty years of operating, IAP has come to know what is needed in emergency services, where stability is needed, as well as large scale operations that are well planned in advance. Every need can be arranged through the infrastructure that the company has set up, mainly because they have a trusted contingency of employees in all areas of the world that have worked behind the scenes for years to build and maintain relationships with local providers that they can call on when necessary.

Past emergency crises have set the company apart and provided them with the chance to show their worth to governments and emergency service agencies that they have yet to work with. Not only does the company meet all the expectations desired, but they exceed the expected services by anticipating the needs of their clients and being ready to offer solutions ahead of requests. This type of attention to detail is to be expected from a company that has the experience to know what they are doing and the care to prepare as much as possible for the clients that they work hard to please around the world when called upon.

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Michael Zomber, A Modern Renaissance Man

Michael Zomber is a renaissance man in today’s world with unique passions and accomplishments.
Zomber is a historian and an expert in antique guns and weaponry, appearing on the History Channel as an expert in its Tales of the Gun series. He is also an authority on Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber has written several fiction and non-fiction history books that draw from his vast knowledge of guns and samurai swords. His works include Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, Shogun Iemitsu, and Jesus and the Samurai. He and his wife also produced a documentary film, Soul of the Samurai.

Even though Zomber is an expert in the history of weaponry and in collecting and selling ancient weapons, he is far from being a proponent of war. He supports many philanthropic organizations that work to bring peace in the world and further human rights. These include Antiwar.com and the Randolph Bourne Institute. Zomber also supports UNICEF, the Smile Train, and Doctors Without Borders, that work to improve the health of people in underprivileged countries. He also supports Disabled American Veterans in an effort to ensure that the men and women in our military who have been injured while serving their country are properly cared for and not forgotten.

With degrees in English Literature and Psychology, Zomber lives in Philadelphia with his wife and two children, Gabriella and Christopher.

Beneful’s Choices in Tasty Dog Food Products

“Healthy Smile Dental Twists” is the name of a Purinastore product that serves two distinct functions. These twists, first and foremost, are treats for dogs to enjoy. They also, however, can be good for canine oral health. That’s because these treats help get rid of tartar and plaque accumulation on the teeth. These treats also encourage healthy teeth and bones. They even encourage better canine breath. Healthy Smile Dental Twists are made in “mini,” “small/medium” and large” versions for canines of those size groups. Their flavoring is a combination of peanut butter and parsley.
Beneful “Playful Life” is a dry dog food choice that’s geared toward people who want their pets to enjoy long, satisfying, active and healthy existences for years and years. This dry food is centered around farm-raised beef. It’s packed with protein and therefore can be excellent for dogs’ muscles. Ingredients in this formula include egg, spinach and even blueberries. Playful Life is a popular Beneful food variety that was created for adult dogs and adult dogs alone.

“Mediterranean Style Medley” is a Beneful wet dog food that consists of sauce, grains, vegetables and mouthwatering debonair meat. This wet food comes in convenient 3 ounce cans. Its various ingredients include lamb, brown rice and tomatoes. Dogs simply can’t turn down the exciting taste experiences the Mediterranean Style Medley can offer them. This dog food can be a solid choice for owners who want to delight their pets and maintain their health at the same time. See, https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/.

Beneful’s “Tuscan Style Medley” is yet another beloved medley food for the canine set. This wet dog food is reminiscent of classic Tuscan fare, complete with tasty sauce, beef, spinach, rice and carrots. Owners who frequently have to deal with dogs that are jealous of their “human being food” can solve the problem for good by feeding their pets this undeniable Tuscan Style Medley. This wet food is fully balanced and nutritionally complete and as a result is ideal for owners who want their adult canines to feel like a million bucks. These medleys also come in 3 ounce cans, it can be ordered online via Amazon too.



Why Wikipedia’s Bureaucracy is Unfavorable to Editors

Internet harassment exists everywhere. Huge online platforms such as Wikipedia have not been spared either. A recent email written by a Wikipedia editor clearly depicts the difficulties faced by people on online forums. It also highlights the need for online platforms to enhance a safe web community. The editor published the email because he felt he had reached a point that he couldn’t control his displeasure any more.

According to the Wikipedia consultant, he has repeatedly been referred to as an obsessive and violent man. He has not been given a listening ear. All he has received have been incessant lectures about policies and bureaucratic steps. The email was copied to the Wikimedia Foundation, which is Wikipedia’s parent body. In the letter, the disgruntled editor spells out his fruitless efforts to publish articles on Wikipedia and the frustrations that he faced.

After disagreeing with the administrators of the page, he was allegedly blocked. This experience making a Wikipedia article left him on the verge of suicide since he had spent endless hours researching about the article. The administrators simply dismissed it without going through it. On top of that, he was referred to as an obsessive character. Following the editor’s allegations, other contributors have also raised their concern over similar cases that have happened to them when they tried to make a new Wiki page in the past. It has emerged that name calling is common not only on Wikipedia but many other online platforms. The article was originally posted on Tech.Mic

How to get onto Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been documented to have numerous benefits to individual and business brands. It gives members the freedom to create and edit pages about their business, brands or biographies on the platform. It has also been noted that having a Wikipedia page increase the reputation and online perception of a business. Search engine findings are also optimized, something that can go a long way in increasing a brand’s client base.

It is quite difficult for a layman to make a Wiki article, which will be approved by the administrators. Getyourwiki.com has professional page creators, whose expertise is proven. These experts offer consultancy services concerning the creation, editing and monitoring of clients’ Wikipedia pages. They can make a business Wikipedia page that is supported by reliable references and that they are properly formatted in a way that corresponds to Wikipedia’s regulations. Monitoring services are offered for the purposes of removing any malicious information that might be hurtful to a brand. This is done promptly to ensure that the reputation of clients is upheld.

Coriant Appoints Shaygan Kheradpir To Propel Them Into The Future


The right match is important in a large variety of ways. In business the right match between talent and business needs can spell success and higher profits. The issue that has always existed for human resources is to find the right person, with the right experience and education that can propel their company to realize greater levels of success.

Coriant has seemed to have found that right match in Shaygan Kheradpir. Mr. Kheradpir has a Bachelor’s, a Masters, and a Doctorate degree in engineering. He also has more than 28 years in in field experience in the areas of finance, technology and telecom industries. He also serves on advisory boards for his alma mater, Cornell University. A greatly respected individual who is results driven, Kheradpir offers great initiative and the drive needed to succeed at Coriant.

Mr Kheradpir and Coriant have been associated in the past. He has worked as an associate for another company that was directly working with Coriant. The fact that he is now being appointed by Coriant as their Chief Executive Officer is no surprise. Coriant has truly made a decision to forge into the next couple of years as a success story as an industry leader.

Coriant deals with network solutions for more than 100 different countries. The intricate work that Coriant does demands individuals with technical knowledge as well as an ability to translate that knowledge into workable solutions that will enhance profits and efficiency. Shaygan Kheradpir has these abilities and is excited to be working at the helm of company where his abilities can truly make a difference.

The future looks bright for all involved with this new leadership at Coriant. Consumers can look forward to innovations that will drive their bottom lines and help to make their businesses more effective and efficient. Coriant is seeing the move to appoint Kheradpir as CEO as strategically smart for he has the proven track record of developing and integrating the latest technological strategies successfully.

Human resources have difficult agendas to reach. They need to find thepeople that can help their companies to gain the advantage in the markets that they serve. When thematch is right there is no limit to the goals that can be attained. The choice of Coriant to appoint Shaygan Kheradpir as their Chief Executive Officer is a step that conveys they value success, innovation and meeting and exceeding the needs of their worldwide clientele.

For more, visit http://www.lightwaveonline.com/articles/2015/09/shaygan-kheradpir-new-coriant-chairman-and-ceo.html