Joseph Bismark’s Contribution at QNet

QNet is a direct selling company with its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company is fully owned by QI Group. It has previously been known by several names including GoldQuest, QI Limited and QuestNet. The company sells a wide variety of products to clients through its network of independent representatives. Most of these products fall under energy, nutrition, weight management, personal care, luxury goods, fashion accessories and home care.
The company was founded in 1998 by Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong. Joseph Bismark’s talents and versatility enabled the two founders to establish a solid foundation for the company. This has resulted into the rapid expansion of the company. Bismark has been the Managing Director of the company since 2008 and is also a director at QI Group. He also helped to establish RYTHM. RYTHM is the arm of QI Group that deals with corporate social responsibilities.

The marketing strategy used by Qnet is basically a multi level marketing model. The model is made up of thousands of independent representatives arranged in a binary fashion. Every independent representative (IR) is required to recruit new representatives into the systems. All new IRs recruited by an existing IR are part of his or her team. Each new IR should also recruit other individuals. An independent representative is compensated based on the quantity of products sold by him and those sold by his team. The amount received from a product sold by a member of one’s team is usually lower than compensation from a similar product sold by the independent representative. The independent representatives are not employees of QNet, and can work full time or part time.

QNet relies heavily on IRs to do the marketing on its behalf. This helps the company to save millions of dollars. This also increases the profitability of the company. However, the company will at times run newspaper ads to make clarifications on its products.

Apart from its operation in Hong Kong where it is based, the company also has operations in other country. Most of these countries are in Asia. It also operates in a few African and European countries. Countries of operation are Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Rwanda, Sudan, and Taiwan. The company manufactures its products in Turkey and India.

Qnet is QI Group’s main subsidiary. Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark originally named the company Gold Quest. The first major diversification of the company was into vacations and travel. This was in 2002. In 2006, Qnet increased the number of products it markets to include nutritional products, health, energy, and watches branded Bernhard H. Mayer.

The marketing strategy used by Qnet has greatly been successful. The company continues to grow in both the number of IRs and the quantity of products sold. Apart from marketing products, the company is also associated with Qnet Open, which is a tennis tournament for women.

Dan Newlin and Associates: The Experience Level is Critical to Success for Clients

Personal injury and accident cases always find themselves up against corporate law firms employed by insurance companies. Their goal is to win the case or drastically reduce the claim regardless of the pain or serious life changes for the claimant. When a law firm can apply the experience of the victim to the equation, it adds a new element to the process: a victim’s eye view. Dan Newlin has placed his vantage point on his career.

Dan Newlin began a long career in public service as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. Seeing the human cost of accidents and mishaps was a first person experience. Then as a police officer he saw even more of the human toll that accidents and negligence can cause. He learned from talking with victims how insurance companies can defend themselves by trying to reduce claims or use legal means to dismiss them.

Moving to Orange County, Florida he worked as a deputy sheriff and expanded his experience. The sheriff supported his attending law school and upon graduation began a successful career in accident and personal injury law. He opened up a firm to carry his work further bringing on s team of specialists and experienced attorneys and to date they have won over 100 million dollars for clients.

The firm has on staff experts who can investigate many areas in medical and other topics which add up to providing evidence for winning claims. Adding to this the personal input from Dan Newlin’s career as an EMT and peace officer, victims can feel secure that the resolve to win their case is in place and will prevail.

Recently the form added criminal defense to their agenda. Nothing can be as damaging to a person as being accused unjustly of a crime. Pursuing justice in these cases is another service that Dan Newlin an Associates. As a law officer Dan had seen where the human toll of false arrest and accusation can be traumatic. The firm prusues justice for its clients persistently and with resolve.Justice will be served.

How the Tech Boom Has Changed NYC Real Estate

Town Residential has been keeping a close eye on the real estate market in NYC apartments for sale as it has changed dramatically over the last few years. The influx of tech companies to the city has created a high demand for real estate space while limiting the available supply. The natural curve of supply and demand dictates that this would drive up housing prices, but the influx of capital that tech companies bring has kept high prices from leveling themselves back out, making for a tight and expensive marketplace. Town Residential’s home buying clients and those relocating to be part of the boom aren’t the only ones feeling the squeeze. Commercial properties too are being snapped up at a high rate as the booming tech industry demands large amounts of office space.

Not all the news is bad, however. Tech companies are moving into neighborhoods that are close to transportation and other necessities, revitalizing them and creating a lot of up-and-coming pockets within the city. These hot neighborhoods attract well-educated tech workers who bring the need for restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses with them. This has already occurred in the Garment District as well as the Flatiron District. Town Residential helps our clients navigate these continuous changes so they can live in neighborhoods that are hot now rather than waning areas of the city and can help you find a business or investment property right in the middle of it all.

Purina and The Beneful Product Line

William H. Danforth started Ralston-Purina in 1894 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Ralston name is closely related to foods that humans eat such as cereals, chips and sodas. This food product line was named for Dr. Webster Edgerly also known as Dr. Ralston. On the other hand, Purina’s name is closely associated with animal feed and pet food. The company was very successful and was named Ralston-Puritan in 1902. In 2001, Purina merged with Nestle’ S.A. Friskies Pet Care Company. Today, the company’s full name is Nestle’ Purina Pet Care Company.

Purina is a well-known household brand name in the United States. The company sells dog food, cat food, animal health products and pet snacks. Purina also sells dog litter and cat litter. For more than 80 years, Purina continues to sell high quality pet products. With more than 7,300 employees in the United States, the company is leading the pet care industry in total sales revenues and market share. Purina is working with a staff of 500 global scientist to make sure your pets are getting healthy products.

Moreover, the Purina Beneful product line contains special ingredients that will make your dog healthy and happy. Beneful is sold as a dry dog food, a wet dog food and as a dog treat. The dry dog food has several varieties. The most common varieties are real salmon, real chicken and real beef. The wet dog food is more like a meal because it contains more ingredients. For example, one product will have beef, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Then, the other product will have chicken, tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. Also, the small and large dental ridge treats will help keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Beneful treats can help eliminate tarter and plaque from your dog’s teeth. You can learn more about these products by visiting the Beneful website.

Purina is providing customers with a wide selection of products. The official website is loaded with detailed information about cat food and dog food. If you are not familiar with the Purina product line, the company has 11 popular brands that are available for your cat or dog. Here is a list of a few of the brand names: Beyond, Purina One, Fancy Feast, Tidy Cats, Friskies and the Purina Pro Plan. So, the next time you need food for your pet, think about buying your pet’s food from Purina.

Finally, Purina has a very good reputation in the pet care industry. The company has been in business for more than 80 years. The professionals at Purina know what they are doing. You can get answers to all your questions by calling 1-800-778-7462 or visit us online at Do not forget, you can also shop online for your cat or dog food at

Harahan and Dua Are Cleaning Up Across the USA

A unique household service founded by two Harvard students is rapidly booming in every city where the business services are being offered. Oisin Hanrahan and Umag Dua, while sitting in their dorm in 2012, pondering business ideas designed a unique business concept that has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of business people. Their ingenious idea is unique and as simple as using your cell phone. A person merely completes an easy form fill-in on their cell phone and order cleaning service, plumbing repair, etc. for their home or business, date, time and number of rooms needing service and submit. Within a short period, a reply is received with an estimate for the service requested and it can be either accepted or rejected. Accept and the appointment is scheduled. All work guaranteed, and the tip and tax are included in the work proposal and payment is immediate to the freelance worker. The user provides payment information and Handy manages the receipt of payment for work and payment to the freelancer including year-end 1099 statement, and included in the payment is Handybook’s fee.

Where do Hanrahan and Dua find the people to do the job? Easy to find the people, but the interview process, background check, and references need to pass the scrutiny of Handybook isn’t that simple. They say it is easier to get into Harvard than to pass their rigorous background check. This service offers a win-win situation for user and freelance workers. Handybook is the hub of the service, finding the freelance workers, matching them up with the users, thus providing the unique service guaranteed to both user and freelance worker. Utilizing the 1099 form, all freelance workers receive an annual 1099 statement and handle reporting of their taxes. Hourly rates fluctuate between $15.00 and $22.00 per hour depending on the job requirements, but the average wage is $18.00 per hour. Handybook not only provides a useful service to their customers’ but affords freelance workers the opportunity to increase reportable income.

The Handybook is available in the larger cities in the United States, such as New York, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles and continuing to increase their expansion to other major cities throughout the US. Growing so rapidly has required a software upgrade to manage the customer growth and increase options and variety of services being offered, in addition to reliable service providers. Running a two-sided marketplace isn’t as easy as it appears, and matching the job request with the appropriate provider takes a unique skill, but these Hanrahan and Dua are not only cleaning up homes and businesses, they are cleaning up in the profit area too. This New York-based company is being called the Uber of home maintenance.

Included in their expansion was the purchase of a cleaning business on the west coast for an undisclosed price in the neighborhood of $10 million. Investors in Handybook’s funding rounds are very pleased with the progress this investment has attained and are looking for future growth and expansion of this business. Specially designed and uniquely managed for ultimate customer service and satisfaction.

Majeed Ekbal: Understanding Chicagoan Business And Marketing Leaders

Leadership is an essential aspect of running a business company. The type and quality of leadership in an organization affect business operation and employees morale. Effective business leaders understand their roles as leaders and the impact it has on an organization. This is the one of the first steps in becoming a successful business leader.

Chicagoan business and marketing leaders provide direction or guidance. These Business Leaders in Chicago have a vision, and that is to fill a need in the marketplace or take an existing product and refine it. Business leaders are visionaries and they never stop looking for profitable opportunities in the marketplace. They accomplish their goals by motivating employees and team members in their organization.

Effective leaders possess the ability to encourage others to be more productive and work toward achieving a common goal. They stay the course, and will not deviate from their vision because they are truly enthusiastic about reaching their goal. Good leaders reward others for their quality performance.

Chicagoan business and marketing leaders are hardworking, and they have a system in place to ensure that employees focus on the project at hand. They make sure that employees understand the importance of working as a team, with a common goal in mind. They also emphasize on the importance of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Effective leaders, such as Business Leaders in Chicago, understand that they cannot do it alone and that they need the corporation of others in order to accomplish the organization’s goal. Leaders seek out staff members and employees who are creative and inspire them to focus on ensuring the success of the company. Business Leaders in Chicago also inspire their employees to increase productivity, and create an environment where every person is ready and willing to put in great effort in order to reach their goal.

Majeed Ekbal is one of the most prominent Chicago business and marketing executives. He has been working in the industry for many years and is highly regarded in the Chicago area. Majeed Ekbal believes in team effort and takes the time to educate employees on the importance of working toward a common goal. He takes steps to ensure that employees have the resources they need to work efficiently and effectively. Mr Majeed Ekbal is on Pinterest and has earned a high reputation for his dedication to effective leadership and quality customer service.

Newlin’s Motto “Get Dan Get It Done” Takes Him to Chicago

The first time I saw Dan Newlin he was in his police uniform and making an announcement on television. Tall, solid with thick blonde hair and baby blue eyes and a clean clear voice without accent, he held my attention. The next time I saw Dan Newlin, I was a paralegal sipping a coke at a drugstore fountain and he took the seat next to me. He was an attorney now, operating on a shoestring, but he was what my grandmother always called a feast for sore eyes. We indulged in small talk that was more shop talk, since we both were in the legal field. I admitted to having followed his public exposure in numerous public announcements and public affairs videos. I privately felt the law enforcement bureaucracy had determined Dan Newlin was a feast for sore eyes as well, and used him shamelessly for promotion gigs.

Newlin Name Resurfaces at Home

Over the years I had seen varied accounts of how well Dan Newlin’s career had prospered in legal fields of wrongful death and personal injury litigation. He was a key player in the Central Florida area for professional aptitude and for his many charitable endeavors, especially his Miracles organization for children. For some reason I felt proud, as though I had discovered his potential.

A senseless crime occurred where my family had lived, immediately outside the church we attended. A family driving home from church received shots from a gang member in a shoot out. One bullet hit the daughter in the car’s backseat. Danielle Sampson was a teen in 2012. She has remained in coma since, her mind frozen in time as her body ages amidst hospital equipment. The family retained Dan Newlin to represent them, and his representation won an unprecedented one hundred million dollars. The chances of the gang member ever making reparation once released from prison are slim, but any money he makes will have a portion deducted for Danielle Sampson for the rest of his life.

Her mother and stepfather praised Dan Newlin through tears for his excellent character and representation. Similar sentiments can be found in his appreciative client testimonials over the years.

Back to Roots

Success has continued to bless Dan Newlin, and he expanded his office in Florida to include a new branch located in Chicago, Illinois, not far from where he had his first job as an teen aged EMT in Chicago Heights, Indiana. Again, I experienced a simple feeling of pride, as I had for every award and commendation he received for generous charitable organizations and contributions to Central Florida.

Not to mention he is still a feast for sore eyes.

Beneful Dog Food Makes Healthy Pets

Having a healthy, nutrition-filled diet and getting exercise is important for anyone; especially pets. Pets are like family, and no one would feed their loved ones something detrimentally unhealthy, but with all the unnatural ingredients pet food brands may be using, protecting your pet from an unhealthy diet is difficult. Well, give your pet the taste they’ll love, and the nutrition they deserve, with Beneful Dog Food.

Purina Beneful Dog Food

Having been founded in 2001, Beneful on multivu has become the fourth well-recognized dog food brand. This brand produces all-natural products, and the name, Beneful, means “Full of Goodness” according to one of their spokespersons. In an attempt to humanize their dog food, Beneful has produced “Healthy Smile Dental Ridges”, with the ability to clean your dog’s teeth in an appetizing treat. This brand focuses on mixing nutrition with delectable treats. It is understandable why pet owners everyone love this brand.

Dietary Limitations

Some pets cannot digest certain foods properly, suffer allergic reactions, or need a diet that meets their age requirements. Well, Beneful has an extensive list of items for pets of various ages, whether it is a puppy, or full-fledged adult. Make any pet’s meals exciting with the taste of Beneful.

Dry Dog Food

Ranging from Healthy Weight, Puppy Chow, infamous Incredibits, and others, many dogs are raving about how delish these products are. Even the pickiest eater will succumb to all-natural turkey, chicken, beef, and others. Rich in antioxidants, omega, calcium, and other essentials, this food has all the necessary ingredients to support healthy brain function, improve vision, and overall allow pets to start mealtime on the right paw.

Pet Treats

Don’t only indulge pets during feeding time, but add treats, too. Purina Beneful has the treats need to make even the most stubborn dogs happy. Try Baked Delights, Dental Twist, or Dental Ridges to add happiness to your dog’s day. However, too many treats can also be harmful, and should only consist of 10% of daily calories.

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food is easier for the pooch to digest. Especially good for older dogs, whose digestion may be slower, and they may be having problems with their teeth. Wet dog food offers options to owners with older pets. Small pets may have problems with throat size, and easier to chew dog food prevents materials from lodging in the throat area.

Pet owners invest a good deal of money in pet accessories. Therefore, it is only reasonable to assume these owners want a healthy dog food for their pooch. Beneful is nutritionally designed with the nutrients necessary for healthy dogs.

FreedomPop Brings Free Mobile Sevice To The UK

FreedomPop, the Los Angeles company with almost one million users in the US, is bringing its free mobile service to the UK. This free service includes two hundred minutes, two hundred texts, and two hundred MBs of data per month free for life. While some users will easily eclipse this data, customers can obtain more by completing surveys, downloading coupons, or by simply sharing with other FreedomPop users. For those who are more conservative with their phone usage, any unused data, minutes, or texts will simply roll over into the next month, allowing for a snowball effect over time. Customers need only to download the Freedom Pop app or purchase a SIM card in order to take advantage of this offer. So far, over two hundred fifty thousand people throughout the UK have taken advantage of this offer.

Free data earning ranges from 10 MBs to two and a half gigs for actions as simple as rating an app to taking a ten minute survey. However, if a user goes over their allotted data, there is a overuse charge set at one pence per MB. This can easily be avoided by simply partaking in the extra free offers that FreedomPop presents.

On top of this, FreedomPop offers a virtual international phone number allowing users to receive international calls for free. While most networks would charge a roaming fee, FreedomPop promises that this will be a free feature with high call quality and service.

FreedomPop is set to unveil their free mobile service platform in seven more countries within the next year, and hopes to have users in twenty countries by 2017.

This mobile platform is perfect for light to moderate phone users who are looking to get rid of their hefty phone contracts and switch to something free. For the heavy phone user, this may also be a good deal granted the user is willing to put in time to fill out surveys and take advantage of other free offers for data, minutes, and texts.

Shaygan Kheradpir Career Journey

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, United Kingdom. He was raised in Iran. He went through Aiglon College in Switzerland. Mr. Kheradpir further, studied his degree at Cornell University in the United States of America. He holds masters degree and PhD in electrical engineering.

As a young man, he started working at GTE and majorly worked in the IT departments. He eventually became the Chief Officer of information in the same firm. He also served as the president and later maintaining the same position but in a different company that was formed when GTE and Bell Atlantic combined to form Verizon Communications in the year 2000, which is one of the largest technology companies in the world. He served here for eleven years as the chief officer information.

Mr. Kheradpir is competent enough as shown from his previous performance in several companies. He is depicted as an individual who is goals center and a team player. During his reign at Verizon he achieved a lot to sustain the company. Some of his achievements while were; he introduced the concept of diversification of the company’s products and services. He even contributed greatly in the idea of making some operations automatic in the company. Being a team player, he comfortably works with other people. He led a group of more than six thousand people in promotion of the IT systems. He generated ideas that brought about creation of other new product and significantly improved the image of Verizon. He furthermore, came up with strategies that helped the company control on the labor cost by reducing the number of staffs as well as capitalizing on the available resources. Moreover, he came up with an effective budget for the company.

Kheradpir also served at Barclays as the CEO before going to work at Juniper Networks, where he worked as the chief Executive Officer. At Juniper he also made positive impacts in terms of the expenses of the company through proper managing purchasing habits and maximizing on profits. One of the advantages that has kept Kheradpir of Cornell at the top is that, he has diversification of roles. This feature makes him work comfortably in different companies and with different people. He is accommodating and understanding. His success is based on the believe that the customer is the most important part of a business. He also trusts that the only way to prosperity, is through helping your customers to achieve their needs. Focus is also one of his major policies, he believes that if a company is working according to the mission and goals it will always achieve it vision.

However, Kheradpir left Juniper and went to Coriant. He was inducted at the management level. This offered him a chance to take part in planning and strategizing. Out of his hard work, he was promoted as a CEO. Shaygan Kheradpir is a mission driven and believes in change he focused majorly on the interests of the customer, employees and investors together with the local community in addition to his roles as a business and technology executive.