Ted Bauman Says Retirement Should Be Based on Value

There is a number on the dashboard of software for personal finance, according to financial gurus it one of the three most important numbers in your life. Your credit score and age are the other two. There financial indicators are more important than good works, ethics or morality. The other number is your net worth. Visit Ted Bauman at medium.com to know more

Future Speculations

There is a difference between value and price. The amount of money that someone wants in exchange for something is price. Such as paying $1.75 at Starbucks to get a grande, or buying a video game console for $299.

The subjective assessment of the usefulness of something is its value. While the price of the video game is set at $299, there are other things that you can do with that. Value is supposed to be indicated by price in the market, but they can become detached from the value. An example would be the toys children spun on their finger and the prices were high because of the demand until the children got bored with the toy. When demand dropped so did the prices.

Adding time to the relationship between price and value is where you get the net worth in the picture. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Ted Bauman

The Next Generation

At retirement the assets making up net worth are usually cashed in, including homes. Some people sell their home to pay for assisted living to live out their remaining days in and be taken care of. If the younger generation does not have the money to buy the homes at the price used to measure net worth there could be a problem.

It looks like today’s younger generation will not be financially stable in 2037. The worth of every household would be $56,540 if the wealth was equally divided according to the global wealth report from Credit Suisse Research Institute. The top one percent have more than half the wealth with the average wealth being just over three and a half thousand dollars. Those who are worth more than the median is in the fifty percent of the richest of the population. Increasing inequality means that the numbers going into retirement might be faulty.

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Netpicks on Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin

There has been a lot of talk on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This begs the question as to what all of the fuss is about. For one thing, bitcoin is a new type of currency that can be used to buy products and services. Therefore, it is important for people to learn all they need to know about this cryptocurrency so that they can not only put it to good use, but also make some extra money from it. This is turning out to be a really good opportunity for people who are interested in a new type of opportunity.

The world of finances is opening up even further for people who want an opportunity for profits, and Netpicks is among the many sources of information that is going to help people. There are brokers and markets that allow people to put their cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and altcoin to work. One of the best things about bitcoin is that this type of currency is always going to appreciate over time. Therefore, people who take the time to make an investment in one of those types of currencies are going to eventually make a fortune with their investments. Learn from their tutorial blogs, visit their facebook.com page.

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One advantage that Netpicks traders have over other traders is that they are holding currencies for the long term. These currencies are appreciating in value. Therefore, they are going to eventually hold a lot of value that they can trade in for a fortune. Netpicks takes advantage of a ton of opportunities. They are also willing to share information about the opportunities with people that are interested in trading so that they will have the ability to make good income for themselves. One of the best things that will work for traders is that they will be able to learn the long term strategies as well as short term strategies.  To read more about their tutorials, click this useful link.

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George Soros Stands on the Front Lines against Evil Men

All of God’s children should be using their natural gifts as well as their spiritual abilities to help transform this world so that it becomes a reflection of heaven on earth. Every person I know desires to change the world positively. However, only a few people actually accomplish this. The real people who change the world are those with the passion needed to become influencers and movers and shakers. George Soros is a great example of an influencer who began with a passion for a message. Having been a strong ally of leftism and liberal ideas, George Soros has done more to spread the left’s message throughout the globe than anyone I have ever heard of.

George Soros mainly works through his Open Society Foundations to spread the ideals of the Democrat party around the globe and to stop the plans of the Republican Party here in the United States. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations largely help fledgling democracies grow through financial aid totaling around a few hundred billion dollars. George Soros is so personally invested in this mission that he donated $18 billion of his own money to push this cause forward, and follow his Twitter.

George Soros uses the Open Society Foundation here at home to sway the public’s opinions of the Democrats and help them to think negatively of Republicans. Beginning in 2004, George Soros would join the fray and begin promoting political candidates. The first political candidate that he backed openly was John Kerry. This was at the time when John Kerry was looking to unseat the incumbent President George W. Bush. To help John Kerry accomplish this goal, George Soros opened his wallet and gave John Kerry and his campaign $27 million.

Even though John Kerry lost the 2004 election, George Soros had much better luck in 2008. In the beginning, George Soros wavered between choosing Hillary Clinton, who was a longtime friend, or the rising Star that we now know as President Barack Obama. In the end, George Soros would financially back Barack Obama since Soros believes Obama had a greater chance to push a liberal agenda since he had the heart of the people, and more information click here.

After two wonderful terms of having Barack Obama as president, George Soros would look yet again into putting another Democrat in the head office. It seemed that Hillary Clinton was going to become the nominee of the party this time and George Soros knew that he would back her financially. His financial giving increased exponentially when he discovered that Hillary Clinton’s opponent was Donald Trump, and https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/17/business/george-soros-open-society-foundations.html.

George Soros views Donald Trump as a racist homophobe bigot who stands only to deny gay people their rights and send immigrants back home. Donald Trump seems to be the antithesis to the entire belief system of George Soros.

Though Donald Trump won the 2016 election, George Soros continued to mobilize his forces through the Open Society Foundations and put a stop to whatever conservative policy change Trump is dreaming of enacting.

Matt Badiali: Natural Resources Expert

Matt Badiali deals in natural resources such as fossil fuel derived oil or natural gas. He is an expert on the mining, energy and agricultural industries, because he is having worked on oil rigs, owned oil wells, and explored abandoned mines. He has been to Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey, Switzerland and many other locations, helping to scout for natural resources that can make a profit. He is capable of analyzing geological data which helps him determine sources, as he is the sort of person who needs to see things for himself so he can draw his own scientific conclusion. Follow Matt Badiali at stocktwits.com

As a geologist with extensive training, Matt can spot red flags that can be seen on the ground. Matt knows how to combine his geology knowledge with his work as an investor. He meets with many a mining CEO to hear about the latest technological findings. He knows how to track down profit for his readers. He applies his natural resources data to the investment world. Matt has a B.S. in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. Coal was once the main source of fuel used and then natural gas became prominent. More info at Talk Markets.

All natural gas releases is two molecules of water and one molecule of carbon dioxide when it is burned. Coal was once the main source of fuel since it was cheap and able to be moved around easily. In the 1990s, there was a shale revolution in the United States which displaced coal, making natural gas all the rage. Gas turbines can make for instant fuel resources. When demand increased for natural gas, so did supply, Matt Badiali writes for Medium.com. The price went down from $14 per thousand cubic feet (MCF) in 2008 to $1.65 per MCF in March 2016.

Natural gas is produced but goes into storage the whole summer and each winter the supply is used for electrical power generation. 2014 was notable for the natural gas reduction in natural gas featuring lower prices for this precious natural resource that can generate electricity. Matt often keeps track of oil prices in his work, and prior to joining Banyan Hill, Matt was a geologist for a drilling company, as well as a consultant to an environmental company. Matt is a very hands-on sort of scientist and investor since he talks to everybody, which is his way.

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Austin’s Very Own Wonder Woman: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden, an Austin, Texas native, is pioneering the way for women in aesthetic plastic surgery. Being one of the few women in the field, Dr. Walden has made her way to the top in her wildly successful private practice with offices located in Westlake Hills and Marble Falls, Texas. She has co-authored a textbook and she was elected to serve in the capacity of Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Not only is she an accomplished and decorated plastic surgeon who strives to make each of her patients look and feel their best, but she also operates a business that is empowered by other capable women.

Dr. Walden’s surgical staff is comprised of 16 women who, Walden notes, help her practice function as smoothly as possible. She has created a network of “strong women supporting strong women,” as one of her colleagues succinctly puts it, and this is the philosophy that permeates throughout the entire practice.

Dr. Walden truly believes that women can have it all, that is, a successful and fulfilling career and a well-balanced family life. She uses this can-do, positive attitude to mentor others, continue growing her practice and spend time with her twin boys.

Inspired to return to her home town of Austin, Dr. Walden’s practice is not the only business to have flourished in the state capitol. Austin is known for its high quality of life due to the booming job market and cultural diversity. Dr. Walden has no trouble finding highly skilled and capable employees who want to live and work in Austin.

While Dr. Walden wants the absolute best for her patients and strives to provide them with the absolute best care possible, she does take extra precautions to ensure that patients understand the risks and outcomes associated with plastic surgery. She will not perform a procedure if it is not in the best interest of the patient, or if they aren’t fully mentally prepared to undergo such a drastic change.

A true philanthropist, Dr. Walden was the 2016 runner up for Austin’s Women of the Year. She makes giving back to her community a priority and involves herself in a variety of health and educational organizations. Equipped with a strong team of women at her back and a wealth of knowledge and training, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an inspirational leader, an accomplished surgeon and a very involved mother, proving once and for all, that you can have it all.


Fashion and the Future of the Academy of Art University

Fashion has always been a driving force in both media and in the public. Some people work in the fashion industry for years, making it their mission to create new, exciting, and wearable works of art. Every now and then, new people with the desire and talent for fashion are discovered.


People in Fashion

People who work in fashion come from different parts of the world. They come from different backgrounds and styles. The variety of styles can vary due to different craftsmanship, silhouettes and ideas. All this and more have impressed audiences from all over the world, and caught the eye of Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model as well as Sarah Koslowski


The Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is located on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California. They offer many courses that range from architecture to graphic design. If you are also looking to climb the fashion industry ladder up to the rank of art director, you can do that with a degree from AAU. Schooling for an art director position takes patience and steps to achieve, but you will have the education and guidance you need for whatever fashion career you desire.


Benefits of the Academy of Art University

All that is needed is a passion for learning and elevating your skills as an artist. You will be able to work in a supportive community. The staff at the Academy of Art University will challenge you to reach your full potential and to succeed. They have professionals who are ready to train with knowledge and experience.


Degree Information

You can earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art University. The four year program provides students with a good strong sense of discipline as well as the education and experience they need to succeed in the fashion industry..


This school is an excellent place to start if fashion is your passion. You get the basics and so much more to build layers upon the foundation they will provide you with.


Why Dallas Is The Best Place For Cosmetic Surgery Including Brazilian Butt Lifts

There are a number of trends and fads that come about but one that seems to be sticking, and rightfully so, is the overwhelming desire we are having to become a healthier people. As science and medicine advance we are seeing new areas of our lives that we can improve upon to give us a healthier experience.


One of the drawbacks to achieving a healthier body can be that after losing a hefty bit of excess weight we can be left with sagging skin. One of the areas that seems to be plagued the most with this excess skin is the buttocks.


After a strict diet and exercise plan, it is very common to have sagging skin in areas. Sometimes nothing we do can naturally remedy this, leaving one option left that generally tends to get a bad rap. Cosmetic surgery is one route that can remedy the excess and sagging skin. Butt lifts and Brazilian butt lifts can help you achieve the perfect backside that you’ve always wanted.


It is important to keep in mind that in order to keep the results of any cosmetic procedure, you must continue to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. It can be very easy for the results of your procedure to reverse themselves over time if proper maintenance is not adhered to.


Another thing to keep in mind is to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. Consulting with your physician and cosmetic surgeon can ensure that you have a realistic view of what changes will be happening to your body. Butt lifts and Brazilian butt lifts, like many cosmetic procedures, can be part of a more comprehensive body contouring package.


Right now in America, some of the best in the business of cosmetic surgery are living and working in the Dallas, Texas, region and are giving their patients top quality results. Dr. Gregory J. Stagnone, MD, is one of the most respected and compassionate cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas area.


Compassionate Doctor Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sam Jejurikar

Plastic surgery is a medical field that has two aspects that are woven together to make the overall profession viewable as an art. Cosmetic surgery focuses on reconstructing or altering what is currently there to give their patients what they may feel is a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


There are many surgeons who specialize in plastic surgery and one of the very best in this field is Dr. Sam Jejurikar. He uses the latest and most innovative procedures in both surgical as well as noninvasive options, giving all of his patients the most comprehensive body contouring package.


Dr. Jejurikar is a board certified plastic surgeon and was educated at the University of Michigan, and is a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. His technique of both respect and compassion has earned him and a select few other physicians the honor of being selected for a 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification.


Dr. Jejurikar’s focus within cosmetic surgery is on the face, nose, eyes, breast and body and uses his meticulous attention to detail in addition to his compassion and respect to always give his patients the best possible results with every procedure.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar also feels that the benefits of cosmetic surgery should not be limited to the wealthy and spends extensive time helping the less fortunate. He has also had the very unique opportunity of helping impoverished children in Bangladesh, traveling there annually for the organization Smile Bangladesh, giving those less fortunate the care they need.


Much of cosmetic surgery is more than just butt lifts and breast augmentations and is actually some of the most honorable work being done in the medical field. Many procedures involve reconstructing or repairing aspects of a person’s body or face that will then enable them to live happy and healthy lives.


Troy McQuagge Has Unsurpassed Leadership Skills

Troy McQuagge is an international businessman with unmatched passion and commitment to his job. He has been in the business for over 33 years and is well respected in the industry. Troy graduated from the University of Central Florida majoring in Legal Studies Bachelor of Arts in 1982. During his career he has collaborated with Health Market, Hope Kids Phoenix, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Semper Fi fund and Phoenix of New Orleans. He is savvy in strategic planning, business management and administration, product design and executive leadership.

His career began working with Allstate Insurance in 1995. Two short years later, he became the President of UICI Insurance Agency. In 2010, he was asked to restructure company operations for US Health Group Inc. He currently is the CEO and President of the company. US Health Group provides health coverage to those who are self employed and to owners of start up businesses. Since his employment, US Health Group has become a worldwide leader in the industry. Read more on glassdoor.com about Troy McQuagge

Troy was given the title of CEO of the year at the One Planet Awards. His competition were others from the private domains, nonprofit and public sectors. The award acknowledges those who have shown outstanding accomplishments in leadership, innovation and corporate social responsibilities. He was also named the most innovative CEO in the insurance industry at the CEO World Awards. This award honors leaders from Latin America, Europe, North America and Middle East Africa.

Share prices of US Health Group have increased by 1093%. The are considered one of the best performing insurance companies in America, Europe and Texas. Troy McQuagge has used his skills and qualifications to make US Health Group Inc. one of the most successful insurance companies in the world. He is a generous man willing to volunteer and educate others on how to be just as successful. His strong focus on customer service is what helps set him apart. This is why US Health Group continues to receive rave customer reviews and has such a loyal base of clients. This has also helped set him apart from his peers during all stages of his career. Troy has worked with charitable organizations like Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

Learn more:https://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Troy+McQuagge+Honored+as+Most+Innovative+CEO+of+the+Year%3A+Insurance+in+the+Annual+2016+CEO+World+Awards%C2%AE/11952264.html


Stream Energy – Power and Natural Gas Firm Empowers

Often times, it’s the large conglomerates that are the only ones allowed to participate in the energy market. Stream Energy is an exception to the rule: they allow nearly anyone to participate in the energy business in a profitable way.

Providing Opportunity to Women Entrepreneurs

One area in which Stream Energy has outshined other companies is in empowering women entrepreneurs. The company did so by hosting a retreat which is aimed at women entrepreneurs, inspiring women to build their personal businesses. The organization picks a different theme to motivate and empower their women business partners.

Great Speakers Featured at Retreat

Stream Energy has also featured a few well-known speakers at their retreat. These include Karen Leland and Melissa Mark Garner. The aim is to inspire audiences with great knowledge. Personal branding and other important topics to women entrepreneurs were also featured at the retreat, which featured a “shine” theme. Read more at dailyforexreport.com about Stream Energy.

Originally Created as Marketing Company

Stream Energy was founded in 2005, and was created as a marketing company which empowers individual agents. Originally, the company focused on natural gas and electricity, but the product reach has expanded to telecommunications and protective home services as well.

How Associates Earn Commissions

What is most unique about Stream Energy is that their associates are able to earn commissions. To earn a commission, a rep can either recruit an additional representative or sell the company’s products. Stream Energy is also being run by the former CEO of CompUSA and has recently signed a lease for 55,226 square feet of space.

View: https://technewsspy.com/2017/11/08/stream-energy-dallas-texas/

Uses Direct Selling Business Model for Growth of Business

Through their use of direct selling, Stream Energy is one of the largest direct selling companies in the energy industry. This represents a very strong, vibrant, and healthy company with a great future. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.