Clay Siegall’s Lifelong Quest For Cancer Cure


Clay Siegall seems like the kind of guy that’s pretty interested in science. He has been all his life. He believes in the pursuit of scientific truth at all costs, whether it is concerning climate change, the science of the universe or the pursuit for a cancer cure.

His love of science is reflected in his blog. You can also see the guy really loves NFL football. His blog is full of NPR retweets concerning all sorts of science. Upon first glance, you can see that he is incredibly concerned about the environment. On March 14, 2017, he posted a story about environmental science, climate and the forecast of half the world’s Arctic sea ice. It is hard to say what his political leanings are, but it is clear that the scientific stories that he posts on his website are in contradiction to everything the Trump administration has stated about science.

Another glimpse into his beliefs is the reposting of an NPR story about how couples can navigate the Trump administration’s repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, you can see that he is very concerned with people losing their health care. After all, he has spent a lifetime pursuing scientific treatments and cures for cancer.

He spent the better part of the 1980s and 1990s as a cancer researcher for a variety of scientific groups. It is here that he discovered that each cancer is uniquely individual and cannot be broadly categorized. This inspired him to cofound Seattle Genetics in order to target cancer treatment more precisely. Now, Seattle Genetics is coming out with such groundbreaking cancer treatments that the private organization is often forced to wait for the government to approve of its medications. It’s moving much faster than the speed of government.

As the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has moved more into the role of business administration within the cancer treatment community. He was able to raise $1.2 billion for his company since it went public in 2001. He is also now totally engrossed with every aspect of the business from research to distribution.


The Former Owners Of Hawks Sue AIG

The former ownership group of the Hawks NBA franchise, The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), has sued New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG) for breaching a contract that involves the settlement of a claim that was made by the former general manager, Danny Ferry.

AHBE includes the controlling manager Bruce Levenson. The Hawks ownership group led by Tony Resslerts who currently owns the Hawks franchise is not participating in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is a civil action for insurance bad faith and breach of contract and filed in the Superior Court of Fulton County.

ABHE claims it was insured by AIG to cover certain losses that are related to their employment practices, they include but are not limited to the acts of “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.” According to the documents presented in court, on April 2, 2015, AIG was given notice by AHBE. The amount of claim in question is confidential. The lawsuit states that the policy’s limits of liability are sufficient to play the application. According to, in the lawsuit, AIG is said to have refused to acknowledge the claim made and have not admitted that AHBE has triggered the policy.

ABHE’s controlling partner, Mr. Bruce Levenson, co-founded United Communication Group (UGC). Mr. Levenson also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Before founding UCG, he was a writer at Observer Publishing and Washington Star. Since 2015, he has served as a director at TechTarget Inc and Mr. Levenson also served as a director at the Newsletter and Electronics Publishers Association.

Mr. Bruce Levenson is involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives like Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. He has also been president for “I Have a Dream Foundation.” in Washington. Mr. Levenson completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University in St. Louis and graduated from law school at American University.


About Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is an advertising and business professional from Brazil. He is the founder and current CEO of one of the largest advertising agencies in Brazil, Neogama.

Alexandre Gama attended and graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, which is where he studied advertising. In 1982, he started his career in advertising at Standart Ogilvy. There he worked as a writer, and a few years later he started became a copywriter for DM9. He worked there for four years and eventually be became the vice president of creation at the agency AlmapBBDO.

In 1999, he ventured into the business world and launched Neogama. In its first three years of existence, the agency grew the most in the country. Neogama was also the first agency in the country to go to Cannes Film Festival and win a Lion in its first year in business.

To this day, Neogama remains one of the most well-known and successful advertising agencies in Brazil.


Why Nationwide Title Clearing Has Received a Lot of Accreditation from People


The upsurge development of the real estate industry has contributed to people developing an interest in property ownership. A good number of people have secured financial support in order to invest in property development by buying big parcels of land. Due to the complex nature of acquiring land, organizations have been established to help in mitigating the problem associated with buying of land for development. Nationwide Title Clearing is a post closing service provider that has helped many people to understand the process of purchasing and leasing of land. The company was established in 1991 and has been growing gradually to offer exceptional services that have been recognized by investors. The company has invested in qualified and professional employees that have been the center stage in new research innovations. As a well-established venture, the company has developed different departments that deal with specific issues affecting a given segment of customers. For instance, they undertaking the responsibility of ensuring Collateral File Audit and Remediation is a success. Through this process, any dispute arising from an investment that was preceded with a collateral the company takes the responsibility of finding an amicable solution between the interested parties.


Nationwide Title Clearing has invested in carrying out research geared towards providing prospective investors with enough information. Through research, they are able to understand new market trends and how to incorporate them in finding a solution in the investment sector. They also carry out research on the best way of handling client information and confidentiality of the client reports. They document research files for homeowners with a view of averting any looming problem that might arise in future. Nationwide Title Clearing is responsible for keeping and preserving land documents that have been filed by respective clients. This process allows for accountability and verification of information because all the information about a given property is readily available.


The company is tasked with the provision of accurate property reports and document retrieval. This is a core business attribute of the company because through property research, they are able to identify key investment areas with increased market share. As such, they provide information to potential investors about a particular project and its net worth. The company is regarded as a true custodian of documentation. This is because owners can retrieve the document from the company at any given time. As a result, the company is seen as a major boost in the property and investment fields.


The Many Achievements of Eric Pulier

This article is written about one fascinating individual who has done many great things for society. If you’re not into IT or the field of technology in-general then you may have never heard of the guy. Though he isn’t a household name, this extraordinary individual is the epitome of success thanks to his natural talents, intelligence, and gifts. Eric Pulier is his name and technology is his game. Eric Pulier is a well respected individual thanks to his brilliant way of thinking. He’s known by many as a businessman, guest speaker, philanthropist, technologist, as well as an entrepreneur. Having this many titles doesn’t come by chance, but more so by hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Pulier epitomizes the word entrepreneur as he has founded around 15 companies. Many of these companies addressed certain issues within distinct business sectors and advanced technology played a critical role for such positive results. These companies include Service Mesh Inc, XPRIZE, Digital Evolution, FLY, U.S. Interactive, People Doing Things, and many more. Helping others seem to be his best trait and that is something that comes natural. Pulier has invested millions of dollars into tech start up companies throughout the years also and many of these companies have gone on to become a success in their own rights. He’s donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organization as well all while raising funds for capital venture deals. The guy literally has a full schedule.

Being so business savvy, this guy sold his last company for a whopping $350 Million. That’s right! Eric Pulier is legend when it comes this stuff and another great trait that he possesses is that he doesn’t do it for the fame. Honestly, you won’t find too many people that is as well rounded as him, but the technology industry owes him a lot of gratitude in the end.

Why Equities First UK Should Be Your Primary Source of Obtaining a Loan

Equities First Holdings may be what you need to obtain an amount of loan that you may not have been able to get from elsewhere. Although there are many options for someone to obtain loan, it’s important to note that many of those very options may not necessarily serve their needs in pertinence to amounts of interest rates and repayment plans.

If you happen to be in that very boat in which you have come across the services of lenders who say that you will provide you with great deals of interest rates along with repayment plans that you cannot refuse, and then you look elsewhere and find better deals, then know that Equities First Holdings exists to take the necessities of looking elsewhere out of your life. You will be able to find some of the best loan term deals available in the market when choosing the services that Equities First Holdings offers for its borrowers. Look no further as you have come to the right place, one which will give you the money that you may be wanting to borrow for business, vehicle payments, home payments, charity donations, or anything else.

If you happen to be one of the few individuals who are considered to have high net-worth, then look no further as well as you can potentially obtain a loan from Equities First Holdings. They are a great organization that has been known for providing borrowers, including high net-worth individuals the best plans of loan terms. You will finally be able to achieve your goals much quicker than you may have had you not be able to obtain capital from a source, which in this case, will Equities First Holdings as long as you apply. You may contact one of the professionals of the help desk and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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Timothy Armour: One Of The Most Influential And Accomplished Businessmen

The name Tim Armour, as most people in the corporate world call Timothy Armour, brings to mind a perfect image of a person who has employed proper strategies to attain business success. Tim is an all-round and self-accomplished businessman who has achieved a lot for a man his age.

The 57-year-old chairman of the Capital Group of investment, which is one of the leading financial institutions in the United States, is a bachelor’s degree holder in economics from Middlebury College. He is not only business smart, but has a big heart for helping people. He is known to give donations from time to time to support medical needs of the less fortunate. Timothy has donated money to his former college and other learning institutions, thus making him a man who loves creating a better tomorrow for the youths.

Equipped with the right education combined with vast experience gained while working at the capital group, Timothy made a perfect Chairman for the Capital group of companies. As the chairperson, Tim has worked towards the welfare of not only the Americans, but to other people from the rest of the world. Regarding Capital’s partnership with Samsung to come up with strategic plans in Korea, Timothy supported the move saying it would protect the savings, insurance-linked and retirement needs of Korean investors. He also acknowledged that the move would also provide solutions to the financial problems that most Korean investors face.

The well-informed businessman keeps up with all the current trends that affect the business world. Concerning the ‘Recent Market Selloff Caused by China Miseries’, Tim’s opinion was that the correction that was caused by market volatility sparked by China was a common occurrence and a healthy one. He is also very open-minded as he views the period of instability in China as a source of vast business opportunities and investments.

Copa Star hospital sets exceptional standards for quality

Copa Star is a Brazilian hospital located on Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana. What makes this hospital so unique is that Copa Star has a highly futuristic design compared to other hospital institutions. Copa Star is exceptional due to its innovative concept.

The hospital could easily be confused for a five-star hotel. It is very much preferred by patients who want exceptional service and comfort. The Copa Star Hospital was specifically designed to set a new bar for medical institutions not only in Brazil but on an international level as well. Copa Star has unique features that are not present in any other hospital in the world. Some of those features include a gallery that houses 231 pieces of Japanese painter Yutaka. Patients are more than welcome to visit the gallery and enjoy the displayed works of art. One of the worst things about ordinary hospitals is the constant traffic of stretches carrying people and medical staff running around bumping into people. Corridors in Copa Star are a completely different story. The hospital has a separate area that is built both for the convenience of the staff as well as the peace of visitors. The area is dedicated specifically to aid the transportation of patients and the transit of employees. When time is of the essence, the area truly proves how necessary it is. Other very noticeable features of Copa Star are the smell and the lighting. There is none of the usual hospital smell that people are used to. Instead it smells of a citrusy woody aroma. The harsh ghostly lighting of ordinary hospitals is substituted by the kind of lighting that people put in their homes to make it feel cozy and tranquil. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star

Both the waiting areas and the patients’ rooms are made after the model of a five-star hotel. The furniture is cushiony and taken care of. No bleak, depressing walls, there are works of art hanging everywhere. The technology is also top notch. Copa Star does not bet its success on the gorgeous interior but on the cutting edge technology and the exceptional medical service that it provides for each patient. Copa Star has the goal of catering to a patient’s every need. The staff members of the hospital believe that the environment can greatly influence the recovery of a patient not only regarding décor but also in terms of human interaction. Employees become a friend to the patients and thus help them get through dark times in every way they can. That certainly has helped a huge number of patients to feel better. The way that Copa Star operates is truly exceptional and Brazilian hospitals are looking forward to transforming to be more like Copa Star. Read more about Copa Star at KaunalaRoad.Com

Wessex Institute Journals

The Wessex Journals are published by WIT Press, known for publishing high quality books and journals available in print and electronically.The journals cover a range of topics one of which is The Design and Nature of Ecodynamics. This particular journal is a place for researchers worldwide to work on a variety of studies involving nature and its importance to modern science as well as thought and design. They also strive to open new channels of communication for understanding the closeness between arts and sciences. Some topics included in the journal deal with natural design, architectural issues in design, the management of natural resources as well as arts and aesthetics. Ecodynamics specifically relates ecosystems to evolutionary thermodynamics in order to arrive at satisfactory solutions for sustainable development.  Discover more here.  The Wessex Journals accepts original papers, review articles, short communications, book reviews and other submissions from potential authors. Journals are published in four, six or eight full color volumes a year. These subscriptions also include online access to the journals as well.

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Vijay Eswaran Makes Life Better For Many People

The QI Group is one of the largest and most successful multilevel marketing companies on the planet. It was co-founded by Malaysian native Vijay Eswaran in 1998. The company is an e-commerce force that markets a wide range of products throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Founded in the Philippines, the QI Group currently has its headquarters in Hong Kong, regional offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and subsidiaries in almost a dozen other countries. The company has created employment opportunities for more than a million people throughout the area it serves.

Eswaran is a major force behind the company’s growth and development. His innovative marketing strategies have enabled the QI Group to reach out to consumers in large cities, small towns and hard to reach villages. He first became involved with multilevel marketing while attending the London School of Economics in the 1980s. By the time he received his degree in socioeconomics he was professionally certified in multilevel marketing by CIBA. When Eswaran moved to the United States to work on his MBA at Southern Illinois University, he worked with a MLM company called Synaptics.

Because of his work with the QI Group Vijay Eswaran is now one of Asia’s richest men. But he has generously shared his wealth with many others. He’s helped to provide financial, material and charitable support to many individuals, families and communities through his philanthropic organizations the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation. These organizations provide a wide range of educational, social and economic services. These services have helped to improve life for countless people and give them a much brighter future.

The work that Vijay Eswaran has done has won him numerous accolades and awards. They include the New Global Indian award given for business excellence and philanthropy as well as being named to Forbes Asia’s list of the ’48 Heroes Of Philanthropy. But Eswaran is not in it for the awards, he is interested in helping people improve their lives and fulfill their potential. To that end he has written a series of inspirational books and gives very powerful motivational talks.