Netpicks Shows You How to Exploit Choppy Markets for Juicy Returns

Wall Street has been on a bullish run driven by the technology sector. This is quickly easing off giving way to uncertainty and a general lack of direction. The summer season is usually a low-volume phase. The high volatility will only add to an already sticky situation. A proactive strategy will empower you to take advantage of the market fluctuations and ensure a high performance from your portfolios.

One such successful strategy is called the “Lock and Walk” approach. With a little discipline, you are guaranteed to come out winning even in choppy markets. The plan involves keeping a close eye on support parameters and resistance levels of the target stock market index such as the NASDAQ-100. A movement of a few of percentage points may be all the luck you need.

Two exchange-traded funds are key here. The ProShares UltraShort QQQ QID exchange traded fund and the ProShares Ultra QQQ QLD. Establish the desired position and lock down the support parameters on the two indices. Sell the QLD when the support breaks. In like manner, sell the QID when the resistance breaks. You are radically taking advantage of price points by riding demand, breaking supply and minimizing risk.

Understanding the relevant index funds and monitoring their positions is essential. The premise is relatively simple. The execution and timing are where you need to pay attention. The trade is executed within a day enabling you to make juicy returns in a highly volatile market. Useful info on

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The professionals best handle trading at this level. Netpicks is an online trading strategy company with a focus on forex. The business was founded in 1996 and is based in Texas. Mark Soberman founded Netpicks. He is also serving as the current President. The company consists of real traders taking advantage of day trading and the advent of online trading. Check this link for added reading

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Netpicks provides education on forex and futures trading. It offers futures trade signals, mentoring by live traders, automated trading systems, and trader training packages. It offers a subscription-based service that allows traders to learn about and successfully trade in global currencies. The learning systems are quick and intuitive. Netpicks prides itself in having highly competent and professional instructors and experienced trading coaches. Additional tips available here

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Betsy DeVos Has The Ideas For School Reform

Most people know about Betsy DeVos since she has been in the news lately as she is Donald Trump’s successful appointee to the office of the Secretary of Education. Betsy is the wife of former CEO and President of the Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos, and both Betsy and Dick have been involved in various political causes for most of their lives.Betsy has been active in politics since college and for the past 30 years she has been involved with various party organizations, political action committees, as well as being the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years. Dick ran for Governor in Michigan and is active himself in state and national politics.Betsy believes that much can be done by way of nonprofit organizations. She is chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. She also very active as head of a number of other charitable organizations, but is more well-known because of her activities in school reform and school choice.

The school systems in the United States today are in the position of dealing with the “haves” and the “have-nots.” In districts that are solidly supported with funding from property taxes, things “look” good with shiny new buildings and facilities, plenty of teachers and lots of good looking students. However, in school districts where the infrastructure has pulled out, things aren’t going so well.Mostly the inner cities and rural areas are affected by the lack of funding and the inability to offer big salaries to teachers, to here students are trapped just because they live in the wrong zip codes. Betsy, however is optimistic that things are beginning to head in the right direction.

She cites the statistics that show that there are currently about 250,000 students that are involved with 33 different publicly funded programs that offer school choice in 17 different states including the schools in the District of Columbia. And the growth of this movement is happening fast as parents and community leaders see that these programs work because students are receiving good educations. Parents are enthusiastic because they see results with their children learning in better environments.And now that Betsy is Secretary of Education of the United States, we should expect to see even more acceleration in the movement. Betsy and her husband saw the disparity in education that many students faced when their own children started school. Even though the DeVos’s had the funding to send their children to any school they chose to attend, they say many families who could not afford that luxury. So they got involved with helping to create funding through scholarships and vouchers.Education is an asset that we cannot afford to squander and according to Betsy DeVos, she intends to do her best to promote the best ideas and techniques to offer a good education to all students, no matter where they live.

Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, Surgeon, Author and Mother.

A native Texan, Dr. Jennifer Walden established deep roots in Texas where she began her medical career. Dr. Walden attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Moving on to complete an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in New York. Leaving Texas to study in New York, she went on to build a very successful practice in New York City.

Dr. Jennifer Walden later returned to Texas and family setting out to establish a practice to meet the surgical needs of a new group of patients. An effort in which she was very successful. In 2011, she co-authored a text book on plastic surgery. Her arduous work and dedication to her field has afforded her numerous opportunities.

She is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is a very elite group of cosmetic surgeons. She is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. She has also been a featured commentator on several major news networks and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

As a female surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Walden can easily empathize with her female patients. Having given birth to twins she has experienced many of the same body changes as her patients and can fully understand their dilemmas. Many female patients are put at ease when communicating with a female doctor who can relate to them directly. Dr. Walden’s goal is for all her patients to make educated choices that reflect their personal best interest, producing natural looking results and satisfied clients and learn more about Jennifer.

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Roberto Santiago Builds a Mall That Consumers Would Love

Roberto Santiago has proven that people will come if you build something that they’re interested in. This is certainly the way that she has gotten people to come to the shopping mall that he created in Brazil. His built his vision. This was something that would give people a brand new perspective on how they could shop and also engage in other activities as well.


What Roberto Santiago has done is create the ultimate shopping mall with the Manaira Shopping Mall that has become one of the largest centers for shoppers in all of Brazil. It is a very interesting take on shopping because it also presents entertainment options like movies, bowling, an amusement park and food court. There are not any other shopping centers that are going to have this same level of entertainment. It is interesting for people to see just how much they can do when they come to the shopping complex.


The Manaira Mall is the best thing that Brazil has to offer shoppers. When it comes to shopping there is nothing better than this for the consumer that wants to get all of their shopping done in one place. Most people that shop here will buy what they need to buy and take their bags out to the car. They will come back in and proceed to enjoy the other facets of the mall that provide entertainment and socializing stimulation.


There are quite a few people that are talking about Roberto Santiago and what he has managed to do to make things much more interesting in the shopping arena. People want to come to a place like this Manaira Shopping Center.


Roberto Santiago has been doing a lot of things that people can appreciate when it comes to commercial real estate. This is a business that he knows well because he was simply cutting his teeth on the development of this shopping mall. This is not the only thing that Santiago has put his time and money into. He is definitely helping Brazil become a much more interesting place for shoppers that want to partake in a little of everything all in the same place. There are few places where shoppers will be able to have a couple of drinks at a bar before they go and take a look at some clothing. There are virtually no places that have the amount of square footage that this mall has.


Robert Santiago did a great job of planning this mega mall for a wide range of consumers that have different tastes. The parking lot holds over 2,000 cars, and there are all types of food choices and clothing shops for a wide range of customers needs.


Kabbalah Centre Draws Attention To Jewish Tradition

Madonna found herself so drawn to Jewish traditions that she decided to learn more about the religion. In doing so, she decided to open up multiple Kabbalah Centres so that she could allow other people to share in the knowledge and learning and create  network of learning. She has drawn the interest of other famous people like Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monrow, and Paris Hilton. Some people are curious as to why these people are suddenly so interested in learning about the Jewish religion. One woman, Sandra Bernhard, attributes her success in life to Kabbalah Centre. She believes that it solved the majority of the issues she was previously experiencing. The Kabbalah Centre center helps her cope with her life and feel better about herself. This is due to the wisdom and support that she was provided within the school.

The Kabbalah Centre is found in Lose Angeles, California and they seek to provide knowledge to their students about the study of Kabbalah. It is a non-profit organization and they focus on Kabbalistic teachings and on the Zohar. The center was created by Philip Berg in 1984 and now they have a group of teachers that come from all over the world and seek to expand their teachings all over the world.

The Kabbalah Centre center takes a unique approach by accepting all types of students and they also accept people who have no previous knowledge on the subject of Jewish or Hebrew books. The Kabbalah Centre is known as a supplement to religion and not a religion itself. They study their relationship with God because they believe that is far more important than what exactly God is. God is beyond human understanding so instead work to strengthen their bond with Him.

The Kabbalah Centre focuses on providing information on Klippot, which is the belief that every person is connected to the spiritual world. First you have to get passed Klippot which blocks you from the Light. In order to rid yourself of Klippot, you must learn more about Jewish law and practice the teaching that are discussed at the Kabbalah Centre.

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Netpicks Has the Strategy to Get You Through a Choppy Summer Markey

The technology sector selloff from earlier in the month has changed the market drastically. Once supremely, possibly overconfident, investors are now reticent and nervous. This change will lead to an unpredictable market in the dog days of summer. Fortunately there is a simple strategy that will enable you to take advantage of this unique situation.

The lock and walk strategy is a method that has earned profits in past ‘choppy’ markets. This proactive strategy is designed to profit in choppy markets. The strategy respects support and resistance levels in the Nasdaq 100.

In a nutshell the strategy instructs; buy near support, sell near resistance, if support breaks stop-out. What enables this strategy to do well in choppy markets is that it is designed to shut down and wait for the next market session when you reach 67 basis points in gains.

This simple, easy-to-digest strategy is the exact kind of strategy that Netpicks Trading Strategies has become known for. Over its 21 year history NetPicks has specialized in developing strategies that work for full-time, and part-time traders alike. Netpicks allows you to choose your objective and allow their system to complete the work. Check this link for added reading.  They don’t bog you down or intimidate you with overcomplicated, academic concepts.

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Netpicks is against leaving email indictors and allowing the investors to fend for themselves. Netpicks has a team of experienced individuals that are with you every step of the way. The best part of the Netpicks team is that they are investors as well. They know the market and they dedicate themselves to success; both yours and theirs. The only thing between you and innovative strategies such as the lock-and-walk is signing up with Netpicks.  Visit NetPicks page and read more info from them.

The market is unpredictable and everyone needs help to navigate its rough waters. Netpicks has been around since the dawn of online trading. They have discovered how to make the market work for you in any environment. Of course, past success is no indicator of future performance, but Netpicks has a history of helping all kinds of traders to understand the market.  Useful info on

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How Bruno Fagali has been ensuring that there is Integrity in Institutions

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney who is revered in Brazil due to his outstanding integrity and professionalism. He is the founder of the Fagali Advocacy. The lawyer has mainly specialized in the public and anticorruption law. He has been hired to handle litigations that deal with public civil action, administrative contracts, bidding law, popular actions, urban law, expropriation actions, administrative improbity actions, civil liability processes, regulatory law, and many others.

Fagali has been involved in various legal actions that are focused on ending the corruption that is associated with public funds. He has been conducting integrity drives in companies that are offered government contracts. The views of the attorney have been attracting the attention of Brazilian citizens since the country is currently facing several corruption scandals. Bruno has also been assisting corporations across the country to initiate campaigns that will ensure that their departments are free from corrupt practices and are driven by strong ethics. Fagali Advocacy has currently focused on anti-corruption, compliance, public law, and election.

The attorney now works for Nova/sb where he is a Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/sb is a leading firm that offers advertisement services in Brazil. It has been offered contracts by the government and various international institutions such as the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization. He is in charge of the corporate integrity program of the Nova/sb. Fagali ensures that there is equity in the firm and also trains its employee on matters of integrity.

Bruno kicked off his career by working for various law companies. He was an associate at Radi, Calil and Associados advocacy. Fagali completed his law degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He is a member of various law-related organizations such as Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. The lawyer has spent most of his career ensuring that institutions are guided by integrity.

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Mr. Sheldon Lavin On Top Of OSI Group

Mr. Sheldon Lavin has been on top of the large corporation of OSI Group, Inc. for many years. The company is an extremely large and has a long history of ups and downs. Currently, the business of ISI Group is the largest in the meat industry and is working with a vast number of fast food brands including the giants if the industry.

Almost fifty years ago, Mr. Sheldon Lavin entered the large industry. He was hired by the company to do some finance work as Mr. Sheldon Lavin had a career in banking and was the owner of a financial consulting company. OSI Group used to carry a different name back them. The company was known as Otto & Sons. The business was started up all the way back in the year of 1970 which puts the company among the oldest establishments in the industry.

Back when it was first created, Otto & Sons were working in the meat industry, but it truly took off after it became a partner for McDonald’s. Otto & Sons was still a bit shaky. The company exists today because Mr. Sheldon Lavin made a life changing transition from financial consulting to a member of the corporation.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is working at the company of OSI Group as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In fact, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was the one who brought the OSI Group to new heights and transformed the small dying company into a corporation that operated in more than 50 countries. The main market for the OSI Group has been the Chinese market over the past few years. The giant company has been expanding even further through many acquisitions and establishing new factories and office locations in a few countries of Europe and in China as well.

Up to date, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is at the age of 84. He is still on top of the OSI Group and also does several other business endeavors on the side. Sheldon Lavin has many more plans for the OSI Group that will turn it into the top business in the meat industry. After more than 40 years in the industry,

Mr. Sheldon Lavin is still bustling with energy and
entrepreneurial ideas.

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Why Invest in The UKV PLC Brand? Reading More May Give You an Idea of Why

     UKV PLC is not necessarily a wine maker that should be considered to be ordinary by any means. They are taking initiative in being innovative in many aspects of its production processes. It is important to note what separates UKV PLC from other wine producers. It is a company that’s taking time in producing its wine, particularly in a process that is called fermentation. This process allows the fruits that makes the wine to have its sugars converted into alcohol by allowing it to sit out and undergo a natural process of fermenting. There are many reasons why a wine enthusiast should invest in the products that are offered to them through UKV PLC. One of them being that they place a considerable amount of importance on its fermentation process. This is a process that is often overlooked by many wine producing companies, thus, rendering their products as being less in quality than they could have been produced in. Be sure to contact a help desk representative of UKV PLC today, as they will be more than happy to assist you with the buying process.

UKV PLC is a wine making company that doesn’t neglect any of its necessities of undergoing full instances of sanitation processes. Whether you’re aware of it or not, proper sanitation of production tanks is an essential element of producing wine products. Due to the importance of a wine’s sanitation process, it is highly imperative for wine enthusiasts to ensure that they’re investing in a product that is going to truly provide them with benefits when consuming it, as opposed to causing them problems, most particularly referring to their health. Consuming an unsafe wine product is certainly one of the last things that you want to have anything to do with. Today is a great day to begin your wine shopping with a company that has proven to be one that is well worth investing in.

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Sujit Choudhry Founding Director of Center for Constitutional Transitions

Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. For many years, he has been working with democracies that are emerging across the world by either writing new constitutions or amending the ones that already exist. He found out that during the constitutional process, there are issues that arise. Some fail to be solved because the knowledge is unavailable, non-existent, or incomplete. Due to lack of research that is accurate and updated, the effectiveness of constitutional advice is impeded.

In an interview, he says that the idea behind the firm is to generate and mobilize knowledge needed to give support to the legal building by assembling and leading of international networks. For the full interview, click this.  The company also works to produce policies that are evidence based to be used by the decision makers and the agenda-setting research. The company has partnered with NGOs, multilateral organizations, and think tanks and has worked with over 25 counties and 50 professionals. Related articles on

Despite being an immigrant, Choudhry has been successful in his venture. One of the primary things that have helped him is attaining law degrees from three countries. He has spent most of his time navigating new legal as well as political environments. He has learned that every country has its issues, stakeholders, and histories. He also has a wide-range of experience in public policy which has helped him learn a lot about political decision making. His parents, who are both professors, understood the importance of education. That is the reason that they put a premium on his higher education. Hop over to for additional reading.

Choudhry says that the law degrees in Oxford and Harvard have helped him succeed. He also believes that listening and responding to the people on the ground since they know what is going on and the things that they need. When making policies, the one thing that leaders should do is not to assume that they know the truth. To read blogs and latest news about Sujit, visit

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been recognized internationally as an authority on politics and comparative constitutional law. He combines a wide-range agenda on research with in-depth experience in the field as he works as an advisor to legal building process in Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Sri-Lanka, South Africa, Ukraine, and Tunisia. He is skilled and knowledgeable that he has been asked to speak and lecture in over 24 countries.  Refer to

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